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Pentecost weekend - €10 discount on your order with code FDP2023

Minimum order amount of €89 -  discount valid for counter

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HELP? Which multivitamine should I take?

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There are so many brands of WLS multivitamins on the market. And now we at WLS Products are making it difficult too, because we have several multivitamins of our own brand!

Can't see the forest for the pills?

Then we would like to help you with this information page.

Check out our overview of different multivitamins here.

It has been thought through

We regularly develop new products, including multivitamins. However, we always do this with an underlying thought. For example, there may be high demand from a particular patient group. Or a product needs to be developed of which the dosage or characteristics have been adjusted. In short: every multivitamin we have has a clear target group.

Which multivitamin is right for me?

That is the key question. We would like to introduce you to our 5 top multivitamins, including their strengths and target groups. So you can quickly see, which multivitamin best suits you and your operation.

In any case, we have made sure that all our multivitamins are perfectly dosed, and affordable! After all, you have to take them throughout your life, and then price definitely counts.

WLS Original Multivitamin

Our flagship product!

This is the best-selling multivitamin for bariatric patients that we offer. This is because of the following plus points:

  • The cheapest on the market! From 19 cents per day
  • Complete formula including 45 mg of iron
  • Only 1 capsule per day
  • For whom: Well-tolerated by almost all patients

The value for money of this product is so good that it is recommended by hundreds of clinics and practices in Germany and the Benelux countries.

WLS Original multivitamin with iron, capsules
WLS Original multivitamin with iron, capsules
  • Complete multivitamin
  • Affordable: only 23 cents a day
  • Meets the ASMBS guidelines
From €14.50

WLS Multivitamin with iron

The perfect product for two target groups: Patients who tolerate WLS Multi original a little less, but especially for people with thyroid disorders. This is why we have developed an iodine-free formula.

  • Formula divided into 2 capsules per day, for optimal tolerability
  • 30 mg of iron per day, for better tolerability
  • Iodine-free: for hashimoto patients 
  • For whom: Thyroid patients and for patients with poor tolerance to the 1-per-day capsule
WLS Pure multivitamin without iodine, with iron, all surgery types, capsules
WLS Pure multivitamin without iodine, with iron, all surgery types, capsules
  • A multivitamin without iodine
  • Easy on your sensitive stomach
  • Affordable
Special Price €18.00 From €22.00
120 count

WLS Multivitamin without iron

This is a fine multivitamin that contains no iron. This makes it ideal for people who do not need iron or who even have iron levels that are too high. This vitamin is also divided into 2 capsules, which is nice for tolerability.

  • Complete formula, but without iron
  • 2 capsules per day
  • Good absorption and tolerability
  • For whom: patients requiring a multivitamin without iron
WLS Pure multivitamin without iron, all surgery types, capsules
WLS Pure multivitamin without iron, all surgery types, capsules
  • Without iron
  • High content of antioxidants such as vitamin C, E and zinc
  • Certified vitamin K2
120 count

WLS Multivitamin Easy Start

We developed this new multivitamin especially for those first, sensitive months after your operation. Certain vitamins, which often cause an odour or intolerance, have been lowered in this multivitamin. Because it's important to take your multivitamin every day, even in the beginning when it's a bit more difficult!

Even if you have a sleeve, and your blood levels are still very high, you can take WLS Multivitamin Easy Start.

  • Reduced dosage of vitamins that are often difficult to take in the beginning
  • Slightly lower iron due to initial tolerability
  • Low in selenium for an odourless variant
  • 1 capsule per day
  • For whom: patients in the first months after their surgery or Sleeve patients with very high blood levels
WLS Original Easy Start Multivitamin with iron, 90 capsules
WLS Original Easy Start Multivitamin with iron, 90 capsules
  • For the first months after bariatric surgery
  • Smaller capsule
  • Lower in iron for less gastrointestinal discomfort
  • Practically odourless
90 count 3 month value pack

WLS Multivitamin Mama

The latest addition to our range has been frequently requested by customers: a bariatric multivitamin especially for pregnant women! Ladies with a desire to have children and ladies who are breastfeeding will also benefit from this special adapted formula.

For instance, we have adjusted vitamin A to safe levels, and added extra folic acid and choline to help prevent birth defects.

Of course, for our pregnant ladies, we have also taken into account the doses of those vitamins, which sometimes cause odour or nausea!

  • Vitamin A in its safe dosage and form
  • Extra folic acid and choline added
  • Extra absorbable forms of folic acid and vitamin B12
  • Well-tolerated and odourless
  • 1 capsule per day
  • For whom: ladies who are working on a desire to have children, are pregnant, or breastfeeding
WLS Multivitamin Original Mama, Prenatal Vitamin
WLS Multivitamin Original Mama, Prenatal Vitamin
  • Optimally formulated pregnancy vitamins
  • Vitamin A in a safe dosage
  • With extra folic acid & choline
60 count 2 month value pack

Hopefully this overview makes it clearer, which WLS vitamin is right for you!

Good to know: if you prefer to take chewable tablets or soft chews, we also have those in our Bariatric Fusion range, feel free to check them out.

If you still have any questions, or would like personal advice, feel free to contact our customer service colleagues at or 00800-22006600