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About Us

WLS Products is a small Dutch company specializing in the distribution of highly dosed nutritional supplements and bariatiric products for bariatric patients (people who have undergone surgery to lose weight).

Melanie Wouters, our CEO, tells you about her story which led her to found WLS Products

"I myself am a WLS patient and an expert with a lot of personal experience in the field of weight-reducing surgeries. I started out with a gastric band up to gastric reduction with bypass, called duodenal switch.
It was very important to me that I eat the right food after my operations. Because often after such a serious intervention there is a lack of certain nutrients.

Quality Protein and quality calcium

So I started looking for a high quality protein additive at the best possible price. Also for a very high dosed calcium product with added magnesium and Vitamin D3.
Nobody could offer me what I was looking for. However, I did research whether there might be a way to have such a product put together for myself.
So I found what I was looking for and came across a company that believed in my plans and was ready to help me. I am very grateful to this company for accepting this risk.

Are there more people who need this?

After all, I didn't know if there were other people besides me waiting for a cheap super protein or the perfect calcium supplement.
It turned out that this was indeed the case, which is particularly related to the attractive price-performance ratio.

Raw materials must be flawless

We do not make any concessions - the raw materials must be flawless. We are not satisfied with less than the best.
Because the majority of our customers have to pay attention to the correct intake of proteins, calcium and possibly other food supplements throughout their lives.
Health may certainly cost something, but the price already plays a role if high doses per day are required. This is exactly why the content of our containers is more important to us than the cover and label.

My blood work is proof

I have tested all the products myself and use a lot of them every day. My blood tests, which I have checked every 3-6 months, are the best proof that they work!

Of course, our products are not only suitable for WLS patients, but are aimed at everyone who is looking for products that are well absorbed by the body and at an attractive price. This means that people who suffer from deficiency symptoms due to illness, old age, surgery, malabsorption, intensive sport or for some other reason are also in the right place with us.

Because I ham an expert through experience, I can understand people better and advise them accordingly.
I am aware of the importance of good nutritional supplements because I used to have deficiency symptoms due to the wrong products.

At this point I would like to emphasize again that I am not a medical doctor. That is why I do not give medical advice and in case of doubt always refer to the treating doctor. "

More about WLS Products as a company and the start of Melanie's journey

High dose dietary supplements & vitamin D

Melanie Wouters started our WLS Products operation in 2006.
In the previous years, she had had several abdominal surgeries. Now it was difficult for her to get high-dose and high-quality nutritional supplements.

Melanie as a forerunner

Melanie's network is considerable. As a board member of the Dutch Obesity Clinic and as a patient, she spoke to many doctors and fellow sufferers about the importance of dietary supplements such as calcium and vitamin D3. Vitamin D as a dietary supplement was not as well known at the time as it is now, 2019. Melanie was a forerunner in this area even then.

Lack of availability

The lack of availability of high doses and optimal raw materials caused pitiful blood values ​​in many patients. Melanie took it to heart - how could she provide high-quality nutritional supplements and make life easier for her fate companions?

Import and develop yourself

Melanie came up with the solution creatively as it is: These dietary supplements had to be imported or developed in-house.
The first self-developed product was CalMagD, a high-quality nutritional supplement with a powerful combination of calcium citrate, magnesium citrate and high-dose vitamin D3. That was what Melanie and her fellow sufferers urgently needed after their abdominal surgery. Among other things, for the prevention of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Melanie says:
“Together with a Canadian pharmacist from a US forum, I came up with the formula. CalMagD was developed in 2004 and personally tested by me. My miserable blood values ​​(my parathyroid hormone was sky high) had returned to normal within six weeks. I was my own guinea pig and was supported by doctors who prescribed blood tests so we could see how the remedies worked. This was an optimization to good reference values. "

The start: 40 kg CalMagD

The unique CalMagD formula was born. After a long search, she found a benevolent company in North Brabant with a small mixing machine.
This company wanted to make the mix of ingredients for them from 40 kg (or 80 containers of CalMagD). Melanie shoveled the mix herself into the containers in a professional and hygienic way. The dosage recommendation for the patients at that time was: "1 level tablespoon of CalMagD per day".

Small business from home

Melanie started small: from her living room she sent packages to her network of friends and acquaintances in the Benelux countries and Germany. A CalMagD container at that time still cost 40 euros. That was just covering costs.

The US Bio-Tech mission

Melanie also made contact with the US company Bio-Tech. Bio-Tech has been a reliable player with the same mission as WLS: making high-dose vitamin D and related products available to patients and care facilities.

She imported a small amount of Bio-Tech supplements and set up her own network shop.
Melanie proved to be an entrepreneur with all her heart and soul.

2019 untill now: still for you, our customers and patients a like

Thirteen years later, our own CalMagD is still one of our most unique products.
Bio-Tech products are also very popular with our customers.
We started with our own brand "Pure": products without chemical additives such as magnesium stearate.

We still follow your wishes and needs today

Melanie's zest for action remains unbroken, and she is still thinking of new nutritional supplements such as delayed-release melatonin and combination packages for certain groups of patients. Since 2012 we have been selling a line of special bariatric supplements from the United States. Since 2018 even exclusively for all of Europe!

We have grown and are still very close to you

WLS Products has grown. We employ eleven people. Our packages are shipped from a professional warehouse. Still with great attention to quality and the environment.
Melanie & her team of information specialists, patient-companions and orthomolecular doctors help you every day with questions about blood values, loading therapy, recommendations after bariatric operations and much more.

We are all experts in our field. From stomach reduction, nutrition and osteoporosis to menopause, allergies and vitality maintenance.

Our contact with you will not change

No matter how big we get - we will maintain our personal contact with you as ever.