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Frequently Asked Questions about Slimpressions Shapewear

How does Slimpressions® compare to other shapewear garments?

Each of our Slimpressions® Shapewear products is made with a specific problem area in mind. From saddlebags to muffin top and from jelly belly to arms that jiggle.

The designs are unique and patented. They adapt to every body type. Other companies offer shapewear that is sewn together and has seams, which does not improve the fit. Slimpressions® provides maximum compression without adding annoying pressure.

Ultimately, this shapewear not only makes you look good, but also makes you feel good!

Does Slimpressions roll up at the waist?

Slimpressions has a long torso with extra support that fit snugly on your hips, reducing the chance of rolling up. For best results, tuck in Slimpressions. If the shapewear you have chosen does not work, please contact us so that we can exchange it for a different size.

How do I put on/off Slimpressions?

The best way to put on your Slimpressions is to step into them, slide up (keep the fabric as smooth as possible, don't stuff it) and slim down. Never put on over your head. You should always look for shapewear that you should step into.

Because if you can easily slide it over your head, ask yourself what really shapes it after you put it on. When you take off your Slimpressions, follow the same process in reverse...start at the shoulders, pull down through the waist and hips, then step out through the neck.

Step in, slide up, slim down

Should I wear a bra with Slimpressions?

We definitely recommend wearing a bra with at least two of our products - The Have Nots and Tanks a Little are both designed for you to use your own bra. The deep rounded front works with your bra to promote your breasts by giving them a little boost. The Haves, The Skinny Mini and Tanks A Lot all include a comfortable bralette to lift and support without compressing your chest. You can wear these shapers with or without a bra.

Do the Slimpressions Tops with sleeves only compress the arms??

No. While The Haves and The Have Nots have a unique, patented design to control and smooth the arm flap, the garments also have a ribbed, seamless midriff to compress back fat, a muffin top and a wide waist.

The Skinny Mini, our slimming top, offers the same back, midriff and waist compression, along with comfortable and adjustable spaghetti straps.

Tanks A Lot and Tanks A Little offer the same great midriff and back fat solutions with a higher back and wider straps, while allowing the arms to be seen.

  1. Final Sale 50% Slimpressions® Shapewear Top with Sleeves, The Haves™
    Slimpressions® Shapewear Top with Sleeves, The Haves™ Sold out
  2. Final Sale 50% Slimpressions® Shapewear Top with Sleeves, The Have Nots™
    Slimpressions® Shapewear Top with Sleeves, The Have Nots™ Sold out
  3. Final Sale 50% Slimpressions® Shapewear Tanks A Little™
    Slimpressions® Shapewear Tanks A Little™ Sold out
  4. Final Sale 50% Slimpressions® Shapewear Tanks A Lot™
    Slimpressions® Shapewear Tanks A Lot™ Sold out
  5. Final Sale 50% Slimpressions® Shapewear The Skinny Mini™
    Slimpressions® Shapewear The Skinny Mini™ Sold out

Where can I buy Slimpressions?

Slimpressions is very specific in who they work with. Slimpressions is therefore only available in Europe through WLS products. We are the only reseller of this premium American brand.

Dawn Hurlebaus (CEO of Slimpressions) and Melanie Wouters (CEO of WLS Products) are both gastric bypass patients and have teamed up to provide Europe with confidence in the form of shapewear!

Where is Slimpressions manufactured?

Slimpressions correctional clothing is manufactured in the United States and Canada.

Which size Slimpressions fits me?

We advise as follows:

  • If you are taller than 1.70m, feel free to take a size larger for your height.
  • If you are in doubt between 2 sizes, take the largest. Slimpresions is designed so that the smoothing effect for the silhouette always works! In addition: too tight is not comfortable.
  • Are you in doubt between a product with or without breast coverage? Then take without.
  • Still in doubt? Request a Live Zoom Fit session via info@wlsproducts.nl. We are happy to help you

Also view our size charts.

Size chart for the tops:

Maattabel Slimpressions

Size chart fort he bottoms:

Maattabel Slimpressions

How should I wash my shapewear?

Slimpressions shapewear is made for busy women by busy women. So easy maintenance was a primary consideration. Who has time to hand wash their underwear? For easy maintenance and long term durability, simply wash your Slimpressions in cold water with similar colors on a gentle cycle.

Tumble dry on a low heat or air dry on a hanger.

What should I do if I have questions about my Slimpressions purchase?

We provide expert advice on the garments we sell. You can send us an e-mail at info@wlsproducts.nl so that we can help you choose the right item.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the size of the Slimpressions I have purchased?

While our sizing will work for most women, some prefer a slightly cozier or looser shapewear (think how you like tights!).

If you think the size Slimpressions you've chosen isn't perfect for you, don't worry. We are happy to exchange your garment for a different size or you can return it for a full refund.