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As of now you can find all your Celebrate Vitamins products on wlsproducts.com.

We are WLS products, and we sell….a lot!

We are WLS Products from the Netherlands. We are specialized in all kinds of bariatric products. From our own brand, as wel as from the American premium brand Celebrate Vitamins.
We also sell a wide range of protein products and other supplements.

At www.wlsproducts.com you can find the complete range of our products. Our own brand WLS with vitamins and supplements at every price level. Our wide range of tasty protein products AND of course the products of Celebrate Vitamins.
We are the official European supplier of the Celebrate Vitamins brand

At www.celebratevitamins.co.uk or www.celebratevitaminseurope.com you will find only Celebrate Vitamins products. A very compact and easy-to-navigate website for those patients looking for the products of Celebrate Vitamins specifically.

Take a look at our main website and discover the wide range of WLS Products!