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Vitamin drops, pills and capsules

In principle, there are two methods for consuming a medication. Via the gastrointestinal tract, for example orally or as a suppository. It is also possible to administer medication intravenously. Celebrate Vitamins and WLS Products sells vitamins, these are only available to consumers for oral administration.

In general, it is recommended to take them with some water to ensure that the ingredients dissolve more quickly and are absorbed through the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.


Many medicines are marketed in capsule form. The capsule must not be opened and should be swallowed whole. A capsule dissolves in the stomach or in the intestinal tract because the shell is dissolved by the digestive juices.

If the medicine can be dissolved by the stomach acid, the preparation is packaged in a capsule that is not affected by the gastric juice but instead broken down by the intestinal juice. Most substances enter the liver via the portal vein and benefit the body through the liver.

Oral administration has many benefits, but the disadvantage of this method is that many medicines have an unpleasant taste, which makes them difficult or impossible to administer to patients who have problems swallowing.
Capsules are often administered because the active ingredients they contain are more stable than in powders or pills, but also because the ingredients often taste unpleasant. Capsules are small containers that dissolve in water. The contents of the capsule, the vitamins, must not be released until the capsule has dissolved in the stomach or intestine. They are usually colourless and transparent, but can also be coloured and come in many variations and sizes.


In addition to capsules, tablets are a common method of administering medicine. Tablets are fixed dosage forms, prepared by pressing equal volumes of particles with one or more active ingredients into the desired shape. They generally contain a single dose of a vitamin and are usually intended for oral use. There are tablets that are swallowed whole, tablets that are chewed before swallowing and tablets that are dissolved or suspended in water before being ingested.
Tablets are usually round; the top and bottom are flat or rounded. They may have markings, such as break lines, symbols etc. Depending on the composition, method of preparation or intended use, tablets intended for oral administration may have special properties.
As a result, a distinction is made between different categories of tablets for oral administration :

  1. non-coated tablets
  2. sublingual tablets
  3. coated tablets
  4. sachet

Tended for use in the oral cavity.


Drops offer the same benefits as capsules. They are often tasteless and very easy to ingest. Drops are also suitable for children who often have a problem swallowing. Drops often come in the purest form, naturally and without gelatin for example, which is unsuitable for vegans or vegetarians. Drops are also absorbed more quickly than tablets and capsules.
Celebrate Vitamins and WLS Products sell a range of vitamins in different forms. We have something to suit everyone!