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New at WLS Products: Premium brand Bariatric Fusion


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Slimpressions Shapewear for after weight loss surgery

Quality compression wear for women of all shapes and sizes!

Other shapewear manufacturers have their products made somewhere in a low-wage country; simply sew together some shiny stretchy fabrics, without taking into account the nuances of a woman's body.

Let alone a female body after childbirth, with aging, an obese female body or after bariatric surgery with loose skin! These are women's bodies that require a special shape. Did you know that the owner of Slimpressions has also undergone a stomach reduction? So she knows what it's like to struggle with loose skin and a jelly belly!

Premium Shapewear for and by women

Slimpressions is a brand, created and managed by women, that makes and sells a premium line of shapewear, correction underwear for women. High quality and comfortable enough for every day. This correction underwear provides a slimmer shape, a tighter skin and makes the woman who wears it more self-confident!

But what makes Slimpressions Shapewear different from those other brands?

Comfort! Most shapewear manufacturers design their products for special occasions, such as a gala evening or a wedding day; those days when you absolutely have to look your best.

Those clothes you can't wait to take off three hours later!

Wear correction underwear every day with comfort

Slimpressions, on the other hand, is designed to be able to wear correction underwear every day with comfort, under all your clothes. Whether you go shopping, have a business meeting or a party; Slimpressions correction underwear ensures that everything looks streamlined, without restricting your blood circulation and oxygen!

Do Women Look Like They've Had Plastic Surgery When Wearing Slimpressions? No.

Will they look slimmer, sleeker, and feel better about their appearance on a daily basis?

Hell yes!

Correction underwear with seamless comfort from Slimpressions

Slimpressions uses a patented technology to incorporate different weaves of fabric into one streamlined torso. The ribbed diaphragm provides extra support and structure to hide problem areas on the stomach, back, and at the bra straps. This is called The Magic Middle, and it suits EVERY body type. Whether you have an hourglass figure, or an apple or pear figure!

Say goodbye to batwings (arms that wave back)

In addition, Slimpressions has a unique product on the shapewear market: tops with sleeves!

Many women suffer from loose skin under the arms, for example after losing weight or simply as they get older. How nice is it that there is now a corrective top that ensures that you do fit into that jacket or dress! Moreover, these tops are nice and long, so that they also fall over your hips and buttocks.

Shape is retained, even in the washing machine

Our materials are of super quality. If we were sheets, we would be the most expensive Egyptian silk sheets. Made in Canada and the United States from quality fabrics, ensuring products last forever and stay in good shape.

Not only did we keep the female body in mind when designing our shapewear, we also thought of her lifestyle! Because who has time to hand wash her correction underwear with a delicate hand? Women all over the world love the ease of washing: just throw them in the washing machine and dry them on a rack!

Slimpressions meets the needs of so many women who are looking for comfortable, quality correction underwear, shapewear for every day.

Try it for yourself, you won't regret it!

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